Working While Studying in Poland

If you have decided to study in Poland, which is home to the most established universities in Europe, the question of how to finance your education in Poland may be confusing you. First of all, it should be said that Poland is a very affordable country in terms of living costs when compared to other European Union member states. The average monthly living costs of a student in Poland are similar to other countries.

However, if you still want to contribute to your pocket money by working at the same time as you are studying, you can consider the option of working part-time in Poland. Foreign students can work part-time as long as they are enrolled in any Polish higher education institution, but citizens of non-EU countries must have a residence permit to take advantage of this opportunity. As a matter of fact, you will have this permission as long as you are enrolled in a university. The allowed working time for students is determined as 20 hours per week (part time) during the semester and 3 months (full time) during the holidays. This period applies to university students as well as those enrolled in a full-time language course. In other words, if you are going to a long-term language school in Poland, it is possible to benefit from the opportunity to work part-time.

Tuition and living costs in Poland

If we talk about education and living expenses, the annual tuition fees of the numerical and verbal (Business, Economics, Architecture, Engineering, etc.) departments of universities vary between 2,000 and 5,000 Euros. Annual tuition fees for Medical (Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy) departments vary between 10,000 and 15,000 Euros. The official currency of the country is Zloty and its currency is almost equal to TL. Therefore, living costs in Poland are quite affordable. The living expenses of the students can vary around 100-150 Euros per month. Students monthly max. They can stay in special luxury dormitories for 200-250 Euros. This may be even lower in the dormitories of state universities. In addition, student accommodation can be found for 200-300 Euros.

One of the best opportunities Poland offers to foreign students is a work permit. Foreign students studying in Poland have a part-time work permit and receive a temporary residence permit after graduation. Poland is the only EU country to issue this settlement permit . If the student starts working, he/she can convert the temporary residence permit into a work and residence permit. For this reason, there are many students from different cultures in Poland from all over the world, both for student exchange programs and for university education. In addition, since many cities of Poland are student cities, big concerts, festivals and events with international participation are held every year.



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