What is YÖS exam?

YÖS (Foreign Student Exam) is the university entrance exam used by foreign students who want to study at universities in Turkey. YÖS Exam is not a central exam. It is an important exam for foreign students who want to continue their education life in Turkey. Universities in the Republic of Turkey conduct their own YÖS exams.

Who can apply to YÖS?

Foreign students who are in their last year of high school or who are high school graduates generally apply for the YÖS exam. Having completed all of his high school education in high schools abroad, T.C. Citizens can also participate.


a) Provided that they are in the last year of high school or have graduated;

b) Foreign citizens;

2) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth but lose their Turkish citizenship by obtaining permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to renounce their Turkish citizenship, and those who certify that they have a blue card, which is given upon request to those who lost their Turkish citizenship, (Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. A child born in a marriage union with a Turkish citizen mother or father is a Turkish citizen.”, it is useful for candidates who will apply for admission quotas from abroad to examine the Turkish Citizenship Law.)

All students who meet the foreign student requirements can apply for the YÖS Exam. Foreign students, students with a Blue card and students who have studied all of the high school abroad can apply for the YÖS exam and benefit from the quota for foreign students.

The number of students taking the YÖS exam and the number of foreign students are increasing every year. Annually, an average of 180,000 foreign students prefer universities in the Republic of Turkey. An average of +50,000 students from these students attend the YÖS exams.

YOS Exam Applications

YÖS Exam Application conditions, dates and processes are made on the universities' own websites. There are no restrictions on exam applications. Since universities conduct their own YÖS Exams, candidates can apply and participate in the exams of all universities.

YÖS Exam applications are usually made between March and June. Between these months, universities announce application dates, exam dates and quotas.

YÖS Exam Results – Final Admission/Registration Results of Universities are finalized in an average of 3 weeks to 6 weeks after the YÖS Exams. Usually, the results are known through the online system. In some universities, the accepted students are published on the official websites of the universities as a list.

YÖS Examinations are primarily held within the campuses of the universities, at the centers determined in the country and abroad. YÖS Examinations of various universities in Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia and 35 different countries are held in parallel.

Many universities in Turkey accept foreign students with the YÖS Exam. Some universities' YÖS exams are valid at other universities. It is possible to apply to many universities in Turkey with the results of Istanbul University / Ankara University / Ege University YOS Exam. Universities, of course, take their own YÖS exam results as a reference.

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