Universities in Istanbul

Besides the titles of crowded city and lively city, it is also known as a university city that offers opportunities in every sense. İstanbul is also an educational city. Among the universities in Istanbul, there are a total of 49 universities, of which 40 are private and 9 are private. The universities in İstanbul and the national and international arenas of these universities show the quality of their achievements.

Due to the large number of universities in Istanbul, the number of students in the population of Istanbul differs.

In order to meet the education needs in Istanbul, whose population exceeds 15 million, the number of universities in Istanbul increased rapidly and 9 universities were established by the state. In addition, the establishment of private universities, especially after 2006, has accelerated. Today, the number of universities in Istanbul is 52. Universities in Istanbul can surpass others in some areas. For example, one university may be at the forefront in the field of technical education, while another university may be ahead of the others in social sciences and another in health sciences. For this reason, it will be useful to analyze the opportunities offered by the university before making a university choice.

Üsküdar University and its Opportunities

Üsküdar University is one of the universities in Istanbul, and it is a foundation university that has an important place in the education life of Istanbul with the social opportunities it provides and the quality education it offers. Üsküdar University was officially established on March 3, 2011.

City of universities; Istanbul

In addition to being a city that brings together the sides of two continents, Istanbul is also a city of civilization and universities. In addition to being the most crowded and lively city of the country, Istanbul, which has opportunities in every sense, also offers important opportunities for university students. For this reason, while universities in Istanbul decorate the dreams of the candidates, the universities in Istanbul are in the first place in the preferences of the candidates.

There are 57 universities in Istanbul

There are a total of 57 universities in Istanbul, 13 of which are state universities and 44 are foundation universities. Apart from these, there are 4 Foundation Vocational Schools in Istanbul. Students studying in Istanbul have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned theoretically, as well as educational opportunities and social opportunities. On the other hand, Istanbul provides students with the opportunity to practice while they are still at school and offers many job opportunities for students who want to earn their own pocket money.

Public universities in Istanbul

  1. Istanbul University
  2. Marmara University
  3. Bogazici University
  4. Istanbul Technical University
  5. Yildiz Technical University
  6. Mimar Sinan University
  7. Turkish-German University
  8. Galatasaray University
  9. Istanbul Kultur University
  10. University of Health Sciences
  11. National Defense University
  12. Istanbul University Cerrahpasa
  13. Turkey Japanese University of Science and Technology

Private universities in Istanbul

  1. Uskudar University
  2. Bahcesehir University
  3. Yeditepe University
  4. Beykent University
  5. Istanbul Bilgi University
  6. Istanbul Aydin University
  7. Koç University
  8. Istanbul Gelisim University
  9. Istanbul Okan University
  10. Istanbul Kultur University
  11. Sabanci University
  12. Ozyegin University
  13. Maltepe University
  14. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
  15. Kadir Has University
  16. Halic University
  17. Dogus University
  18. Altinbas University
  19. Istanbul Sehir University
  20. Acıbadem University

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