Universities and tuition fees in Poland

Poland is a very good choice for university education in terms of its unique historical texture and being a European Union country. Studying at a university in Poland is one of the rising countries of Central Europe in higher education, with its universities with quality academic staff, as well as extremely reasonable and economical education costs.

In addition to engineering programs, Polish universities that focus on departments such as Business Administration, International Relations and Social Sciences also draw attention with their Medical Universities that provide Medicine and Dentistry education in their graduate programs. Apart from these sections; Along with engineering departments such as Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Psychology, International Economics, Logistics and especially MBA programs draw attention. Every year, more and more international student demands arise from Polish universities, which draw attention in the world rankings with names such as Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University, Kozminski University, Warsaw University of Economics, Wroclaw University and Warsaw Technical University.

Language of Instruction and Preparation of Universities in Poland

University education in Poland is in European Union standards and it appeals to almost every student financially. University education in Poland is given in English with low tuition fees compared to other EU countries. If our student who wants to study in Poland cannot achieve English proficiency, he/she can complete the English preparatory program and transfer to the department.

The official language in Poland is dialect. Our students studying English in Poland can also learn the official language of the country, the dialect, in their social lives.

Polish University Education System and Study period

In addition to the predominantly engineering fields in Poland, there are also high standards of higher education in the fields of International Relations and Social Sciences. There are institutions that offer undergraduate and graduate programs especially in the field of Psychology and constantly expand their academic staff with professors who have won Nobel prizes in this field. Especially after joining the European Union, the higher education graph has risen and has universities that are in the top 1000 universities in the world rankings. University education in Poland is 3 years in many departments, but some departments such as engineering, medicine and pharmacy have 4 and 5 years education programs. Medical education in Poland also lasts for 6 years.

University education in Poland offers students the opportunity to study their dream department at affordable prices without the pressure of exams. For this reason, students keep university education in Poland at the top of their country preferences.

In order to study at a university in Poland, it is sufficient for students to prove their sufficient level of English and submit their high school graduation averages in the application.

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