Turkey's Top Universities in Architecture

The Architectural quota, which was 2,665 in 2008, grew by an average of 17% annually and rose to 4,934 in 2012. Despite the rapidly increasing number of quotas, the increase in the preference of candidates for architecture programs grew by an average of 9% between 2008 and 2012. In 2021, the architectural quota is 7,985.

While the highest and lowest architectural base scores in state universities vary between 479,740 and 311,657; Architectural base points in foundation universities vary between 494,220 and 261,408. Considering the difference in scores, an annual average growth of 7% has been observed in state universities in the last 5 years, while this growth rate corresponds to 26% in foundation universities.

State Universities with the Highest Quota for Architecture

1. Yildiz Technical University 140 + 60 English

2. Istanbul Technical University 110 + 60 English + 15 fees

3. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University 110

4. Trakya University 100 + 10 fee

5. Dokuz Eylul University 100

6. Middle East Technical University 100

7. Gazi University 100

8. Eskişehir Technical University 100

9. Bursa Uludag University 100

10. Karadeniz Technical University 100

11. Kocaeli University 100

12. Konya Technical University 100 13. Dicle University 100

Universities with the Highest Quota for Architecture

1. Maltepe University 144

2. Bahçeşehir University 90

3. Istanbul Bilgi University 70

4. Near East University 70

5. Eastern Mediterranean University 40

ITU – Faculty of Architecture

Although ITU Faculty of Architecture was founded in 1944, architectural education in ITU first started with the "Hendese-i Mülkiye Mektebi", which was established in 1884 to train civil architects and engineers. There are Departments of Architecture, City and Regional Planning established in 1981, Industrial Design, which started education in 1993, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture Departments established in 2002 in ITU Faculty of Architecture.

METU – Faculty of Architecture

METU Faculty of Architecture includes 3 departments within METU. Established in 1956, the first department opened in the faculty was City and Regional Planning. The first grades of the faculty include a basic design studio for all students. Specialization courses are offered in the following years. There are societies called METU Architecture Community (METU MFT) and METU Design Community (METU OTT) actively working within the faculty.

Istanbul Aydın University – Faculty of Architecture

Two of the current 4 departments of Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Architecture and Design (MTF), which was established in May 2013, Departments of Architecture and Interior Architecture took place within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of IAU before this date and graduated. Based on my own experience and academic background, I can say that this is the most preferred and well-trained University in terms of Architecture among Foundation Universities.

Yıldız Technical University – Faculty of Architecture

The university was founded in 1911 as the Conductor Mekteb-i Alisi, based on the curriculum of the Ecol de Conducteur in Paris, as a school affiliated to the Ministry of Public Works. It has more than 300 master's, 120 doctoral students and more than 15000 graduates. Our faculty, AB. and within the scope of GATS processes, it continues its efforts to improve the total quality in the fields of European architecture education and research.

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