Study Medicine in Turkey

Recently, the number of foreign students who want to study medicine in Turkey is increasing day by day. The medical education in Turkey is known all over the world. For this reason, students from different countries continue to come to our country every semester. However, the path that students should follow in order to study medicine in our country is a matter of great curiosity. Each country offers different conditions to students who choose them for university. This also applies to students who want to study in Turkey. Students who want to be accepted from quality universities of our country should state that they are sufficient for this department and university. Anyone who says I have the qualifications required to study medicine can meet these criteria and be accepted from schools. Medical education is perhaps one of the most difficult educational fields today. People to whom people will entrust their lives need to undergo a detailed training. There is no doubt that this education is also available in Turkey. But in addition, there are other reasons why students choose this country.

Advantages of studying medicine in Turkey

Turkey, on the other hand, tempts students with the opportunities it provides, especially in medical education. Turkey has an international system, especially in medical education. Students from all over the world prefer our country to receive quality medical education. Turkish universities are among the best schools in their fields, both with their hands-on training and with their state-of-the-art equipment. But the only factor is undoubtedly not only the quality education system. When the recommendations for those who want to study medicine in our country are examined, these advantages draw attention immediately. Turkey has various scholarship opportunities and cheap school prices for students to come. When we look at today, studying medicine in Turkey is becoming cheaper and cheaper than in America, England and Canada. It gives students the opportunity to get quality education cheaply. In addition, it is very easy for students to manage their social lives in our country compared to these countries. Especially students from Europe and America already get a cheap life due to the exchange rate difference. Dormitories are also opened for students to stay and stay. In addition to all these, it is also possible to study medicine in Turkey and work abroad.

Although the number of universities providing quality medical education is high, some of them differ from others. Especially in the international arena, these schools are known for an education that always attracts the attention of students. The most preferred universities in our country by foreign students are:

Hacettepe University

Istanbul University

Cerrahpasa University

Koç University

Sabanci University

The quotas of medical faculties in Turkey also vary. There is a big difference between public and private universities. The quota offered to foreign students in the state is minimum 2 and maximum 20. In foundation universities, these figures are much higher. Therefore, students who want to study medicine in Turkey should get a high score, especially in the SAT exam.

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