Study Law in Turkey

Foreign students have been making great efforts to study law in Turkey in recent years. Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries by foreign students in the last 10 years. Today, Turkey accepts students from all over the world, especially in Europe. Moreover, students do not only choose our country for undergraduate education. At the same time, there is an intense interest in Turkey in graduate and doctoral education. The return of students who left Turkey to their countries with a quality education increases the number of applications in the next term.

In addition, there are universities in Turkey that provide good education in many fields. Many departments, such as medicine, engineering or law, attract students. In addition, the education of the departments that have emerged recently and called the professions of the future is quite high in Turkey. Recently, universities with international law departments in Turkey have also increased and progressed in this field. Our reputable universities in law now open quotas for foreign students.

Why is it Advantageous to Study Law in Turkey for Foreign Students?

Studying within the faculty of law has always been different from other fields. Because getting legal education entails great responsibilities and difficulties. While studying law is such a great option, studying law in a different country is such a difficult option. Students must do research on more than one subject. According to the researches, students may or may not find it logical to go to that country.

Many factors, both material and spiritual, are effective in these decisions of students. While some countries only provide financial opportunities for students, they do not offer many opportunities for education. In some countries and universities, the situation is the opposite. However, in this sense, Turkey is one of the advantageous countries for both factors. Turkey's best law faculties offer students an education at international standards. In addition, students do not want financially tiring fees. The job opportunities offered to students who graduate from these faculties are also quite high.

Both state and foundation universities charge a certain amount of fees from foreign students. Students have to pay a fee according to the number of years of law school. If factors such as preparation are not counted, Turkey provides 4 years of law education to both foreign and domestic students. However, students can even bring their tuition fees for free by getting a scholarship from their own country or our country. Some scholarships even cover the social life expenses of the students.

Language requirements to study Law in Turkey

Perhaps the first thing students should do is the language exam. Legal education in our country has 2 different options as English and Turkish. If it is assumed that foreign students do not know Turkish, they must take international English exams and get a passing grade. The international English exams valid in our country are TOEFL and IELTS exams. The base scores determined by the universities may be different from each other.

Required exams

Application and grammar are not the only conditions for a student to study at a university. Students must also demonstrate their proficiency in the school and department. Schools set different criteria for this. For example, portfolios come into play for students in the arts field. For the law department, schools examine students' competencies. It does this with international exams. As in every country, Turkey requires students to get a passing grade in some international exams.

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