Study in Poland

Studying at a university in Poland is becoming more and more popular every year. In Poland, where many universities teach in English, education and living expenses are quite cheap. The high level of education quality leads thousands of international students from different parts of the world to study in Poland. Although the official language in Poland is Polish, English is taught in many universities, especially in departments such as Medicine, Engineering, Business Administration and Pharmacy. Candidates who want to study at a university in Poland are sufficient to be a high school graduate. Polish universities, applicants; It evaluates them according to the courses they have taken in high school, their success status, qualifications and preferences, and accepts them according to these criteria.

Tuition fees in Poland

Polish university prices are the same or even more affordable than the prices of foundation universities in Azerbaijan. Polish university fees vary according to the departments, but vary between €1,000 and €5,500. If you wish, it is possible to study in English in programs that provide education at very low annual costs. The annual fees of the most preferred departments are around 3,500 €. Some universities price the tuition fee in the Polish local currency Zloty (PLN), which makes tuition fees affordable.

Application Dates for Polish Universities

Application deadlines for Polish universities usually start in February – March for the fall semester and continue until mid-July. There are also universities that take longer to apply. Education at Polish universities usually starts in the first week of October. Spring semester applications are also possible for some universities and departments. Spring semester applications are in November – January and education starts in mid-February, and in some universities in March. This means that you can find a university or preparatory program to apply to for most of the year.

Accommodation in Poland

Accommodation options and costs are one of the most frequently asked questions by students who want to study in Poland. Every year, undergraduate and master applications are made from many countries of the world to Poland, which is one of the countries with the highest number of university students in Europe. At the same time, thousands of students come to the country as part of exchange programs such as Erasmus. Although some universities in Poland accept applications starting in February, the second semester starts in October at universities across the country. For this reason, thousands of foreign students search for dormitories and rental houses in September-October, which highlights the importance of accommodation organization and its ability to move quickly.

University dorms

University dormitories are the most preferred accommodation option in Poland, but in cities other than Warsaw, although universities mostly provide dormitories, most of the Warsaw universities do not have student dormitories and they direct students to hostel/dormitory style accommodation with which they have contracted. Early accommodation application is very important as the capacity of the dormitories is limited. This highlights the importance of early university application. Monthly dormitory fees of Polish universities vary between 100€ and 250€.

Student Residences

For our students who want to study in Poland, it is an accommodation option in different parts of Warsaw where only university students from different countries of the world can stay. Considering the location of the university where they will study, our students; Accommodation is arranged before the start of the education by providing all the information needed, such as the fees, photos, distance to the university, transportation facilities of the student houses where one, two or 3-4 people can stay. Student residences are charged between €200 and €400 per month depending on single or more crowded room options. All electricity, water, gas and internet needs of the houses are met by the student housing administration, the student only pays monthly bills. Students who want to stay in student houses can sign a 6-7 month contract and leave the house or continue their accommodation at the end of the contract.

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