Scholarship Opportunities for Foreigners in Turkey

There are different scholarship programs offered in Turkey for foreign students. Thanks to these scholarship programs, your education process will be more comfortable.

Turkey comes to the forefront by providing the best scholarship opportunities to foreigners who come to our country from abroad. For this reason, many foreign students come to our country from abroad to study. Thanks to these best scholarship opportunities offered to students, foreigners who come to our country can have the chance to complete their education under the best conditions. Turkey has become a country that offers the best education opportunity for foreigners as it creates many opportunities in terms of education. In addition to scholarship opportunities and high-level education offered to students, foreign students also prefer Turkey because of its social society and rich history.

According to the table of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), approximately 115,000 foreigners receive education in the universities of our country, and this means that our country is among the top 10 countries for foreigners. In scholarship programs, approximately 5,000 foreigners are approved by our country every year to complete their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies with full scholarship opportunities at the universities of our country. Turkey is a country of education that provides scholarship opportunities to all foreigners in the world. Moreover, the opportunity to find a job in the country after university is extremely high. At the same time, our country also allows foreigners to increase their material and spiritual life levels with scholarships that provide all opportunities for foreigners with hospitality and higher education level. Turkey stands out as a good choice for foreigners with its opportunities in many fields. Putting all these aside, there are many scholarship opportunities in Turkey for foreigners to feel secure in terms of financial means.

Scholarship Programs Offered for Foreign Students in Turkey

Thanks to the state support in our country, foreigners approved 40,000 applications that started in 2012, and even years later, there has been a significant increase in applications. Turkey scholarships program, which provides scholarships to foreigners who continue to study at university in our country, continues to be at the top with 150,000 applications approved.

Scholarships given in Turkey provide foreigners with the opportunity to be placed in a program of their choice at the universities where they study, as well as economic support. With this advantage it provides, it has the feature of being different from other scholarship opportunities. This program provides foreigners with the opportunity to benefit from other activities besides university education during their stay in our country. Turkey scholarships program provides foreigners with Turkish education as well as scholarship opportunities for other public personnel. Among the criteria that must be met in order to benefit from the scholarship given to foreigners is the requirement to complete at least one year of education at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level in our country. Foreigners who comply with the application criteria are paid a monthly scholarship for one academic year.

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