Medical Education in Poland

Poland It is an option with great advantages in the European Union for students who want to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and physiotherapy. First of all, since it is an EU country, your diplomas that you will receive after university education in Poland are approved by the Ministry of Education and equivalence is given. In addition, your diploma is valid in other European countries and in many leading countries of the world. Medical education in Poland lasts 6 years, dentistry and pharmacy education lasts 5 years.

The prerequisite for enrollment in Polish universities is to be a high school graduate. It is not required to be successful in the university exam or to be registered in any university. During the admission to medical faculties, the courses you have taken in high school and your success are evaluated. Students who have taken full-time science courses (Biology and Chemistry) in high school are easily accepted. The language of instruction is English at most universities. If your English level is not sufficient, then you can take language preparation training in the first year at Polish universities. Alternatively, you can receive your education in a local language dialect. If you choose to study in Polish in Poland, your education costs are significantly reduced. Annual fees for medical education in Poland (in English departments) are around 9000 Euros.

Advantages of studying medicine in Poland

You will graduate as a blue diploma from a university in the European Union and you will be able to comfortably practice your profession both in Azerbaijan and abroad. You will not give up on your ideals because of a few hours of university exam, and you will be able to receive training to do the job of your dreams. You will live in an international educational environment, and you will use the English language effectively in daily life. You will have a Schengen visa that gives you unlimited travel freedom, and you will be able to travel and see all of Europe, and then you will have the chance to do an internship and career start within the EU. You will not have this chance at universities in Azerbaijan or the TRNC. In terms of your education and living expenses, you will be able to receive education in Azerbaijan without major differences.

Who can study Medicine in Poland?

Medical education is the longest and most difficult education in the world. What is more important than being accepted to this training is to be able to continue it and to graduate successfully”. Being accepted as a medical student at a university in Poland is not a guarantee of becoming a doctor. For this reason, before you aspire to study departments such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, ask yourself the following questions and make a correct assessment.

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