Getting master degree in Turkey

Getting a master's degree in Turkey now attracts a lot of attention from foreign students. Our country carries out studies that give more importance to foreign students every year. These studies also manage to attract the attention of foreign students in a short time. Especially in the last 10 years, there seems to be a great increase in students who prefer Turkey. First of all, students preferred Turkey more for undergraduate education. However, over time, the preferences for our country for postgraduate education have increased.

There are actually many reasons for it. First of all, graduate departments in Turkey were an important factor, because universities in Turkey also provide different trainings than classical graduate education. Many young people find departments that are not in Europe or that are few in number in Turkey. In addition, support and activities that will facilitate students' social lives are also offered to students. In this way, young people get a very comfortable education opportunity.

Requirements for Postgraduate Education in Turkey

Foreign students must meet certain conditions in order to receive graduate education in our country. At the same time, students must have the required documents. Both universities and ÖSYM attach great importance to the completeness and timeliness of these documents. All applications must be made within the specified dates. Otherwise, the applications of the candidates will be rejected directly. Master's requirements are generally the same or close for each school.

In addition, the required documents are generally the same in every school. But there are also different documents that schools want. Scores such as the average or test result in particular may vary from school to school. Especially when the bright graduate programs of the future are examined, we see that schools are much more selective. Therefore, students should check the exact documents by going to the official website of the schools. In addition, the exact range of scores requested from students is also indicated on the websites.

Documents to be Provided by Foreign Students for Undergraduate Education in Turkey

Universities always require some documents from students. This applies to every country in the world. Students must first indicate that they are sufficient for both the school and the department with these documents. In addition, this situation prevents the applications to be made without the consent of the students and the wrong application by the students. In addition to this, problems that prevent students from reading outside of education also arise in this process. Applications of students will not be valid until these documents are completed.

  • Photocopy of foreign students' national identity cards or passports
  • Fully filled and signed Consent Statement Equivalency
  • Application Form filled with a signed For foreign students if they have completed their undergraduate studies: the original of the undergraduate diploma.
  • Instead, students can have a copy certified by a notary, foreign agency and school. For foreign students who have completed their undergraduate education abroad:
  • The original Bachelor Equivalency Certificate prepared by YÖK or its approved and translated version by the Turkish Foreign Representatives An approved and translated transcript showing the course hours, credits and course grades of all courses taken during undergraduate education.
  • For diplomas received from EU member countries wishing to obtain a master's degree in Turkey, the original or certified and translated version of the Diploma Supplement For students with dual citizenship:
  • Document showing that they are in the country where they are studying during their undergraduate education and a copy of the entry and exit dates in the passport.

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