Distance education in Turkey

Distance education is the process of organizing education at a distance with web servers and computer programs. Although it is similar to the form of correspondence education, this program is available in only 1 university in our country. Although it is a widespread form of education in the world, it has already started to spread widely in our country due to the pandemic. In this teaching method, you can get the diploma of foreign universities by going abroad during the session at least 2 times a year, according to the university's requirement.

With distance education, you can study through technology without leaving your home, work, or going abroad. By saving your budget without wasting time, you both earn and complete your education. Classes are held through existing programs, and all course materials are sent to your computer, so you take your exams from home. Any student who wants to can study in the form of distance education.

In Turkey, distance education is called "uzaktan eğitim". Only master's degree can be obtained through distance education in Turkey. There is no distance education for the bachelor. Not every major has a master's degree.

Programs for distance education

International Relations



Business management


Graphic design



Admission process

What documents are required for admission?

  • ALES or just a diploma is required. This varies depending on the university you are applying to.

How much is the tuition fee?

  • The tuition fees for distance education starts from 1000 manats.


It can be said that in state universities, Azerbaijani students are not given places in state dormitories. Therefore, our company rents private dormitories or houses for all its students. The price of hostels and houses varies between 335-604 TL on average, i.e. 100-180 manats. This price varies depending on the conditions of the house or dormitory you choose, the distance from the university and the city where you will stay.

  • Afyon Kocatepe University: Internet and Information Technologies Management (with Thesis)
  • Akdeniz University: Non-Thesis Master's Program in Agricultural Economics
  • Altınbaş University: Business Administration Graduate Program, Information Technologies Graduate Program
  • Amasya University: Classroom Teaching Master's Program without Thesis, Instructional Technologies Non-Thesis Master's Program, Renewable Energy and Its Applications Non-Thesis Master's Program
  • Anadolu University: Distance Education Online Non-Thesis Master's Program, Hospitality Management Non-thesis Master's Program, Corporate Communications Non-Thesis Master's Program, Banking and Finance Non-thesis Master's Program
  • Ankara University: Informatics Non-Thesis Master's Program, Journalism Non-Thesis Master's Program, Health Institutions Management Non-thesis Master's Program, Human Relations Non-Thesis Master's Program, Social Work Non-Thesis Master's Program

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