Differences Between State and Private Student Dormitories

There is a big difference between state dormitories and private dormitories, especially in terms of price and comfort. While the state dormitories provide a great advantage in terms of price, private dormitories have a great advantage in terms of comfort and wide range of options. The choice to be made depends entirely on your preferences. In this article, we will objectively evaluate the differences between private and state dormitories for you.

Dormitory Fees

The biggest reason for choosing state dormitories is that dormitory fees offer a great advantage. We can say that there is a difference of at least 4 times between the prices of girls' apartments and the state dormitory fees. In fact, if the annual dormitory fees are paid in advance, an extra 20% discount is made in the state dormitories.

Proximity to the University

Although state dormitories are advantageous in terms of fees, private dormitories are more advantageous in terms of location since they are gathered around the university. The excessive density of applications to state dormitories causes distribution by lot. In this case, the location of the state dormitory may also be located in a different district than the university.

Freedom to Choose Roommates

Choosing a roommate at the beginning may not seem like a very important factor. However, after the beginning of the training, there may be a problem of agreement among the roommates. While you can choose your roommate in private dormitories, there is no such advantage in public dormitories. For example; While you tend to study more, your roommate may tend to spend more time in a noisy and musical environment. Or it could be in different situations. Private dormitories will provide a great advantage in choosing a roommate.

Common Areas of Use

The limited opportunities in state dormitories and the large number of common areas make private dormitories more advantageous. While there are options such as toilet and kitchen in each room in private apart dormitories, toilets and bathrooms in state dormitories are shared by all dormitory students. In this case, it may cause problems in terms of hygiene. You should also know that there are situations such as waiting in line.

Room Facilities

While you can stay in single, 2-3 or 4-person rooms in private dormitories, it is out of the question for you to make such a choice in state dormitories. While the number of beds in newly built modern dormitories is 3, in some dormitories, the number of beds can be up to 8 with bunk beds. Apart from this situation, wardrobe, work desk, LCD TV, sitting area, kitchen and bathroom are among the most advantageous room facilities.

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