Advantages of studying in Russia

In Russia, you can acquire deep and fundamental knowledge in all areas. However, the country is most famous for its strong schools such as natural sciences, Physics and Mathematics. Russia is a recognized world leader in the training of mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, doctors and other natural science specialists. This is confirmed by the international ranking of Russian universities.

Optimal relations between education quality and prices

Paid education at Russian universities is much cheaper than at universities in the USA, Canada and the UK. In terms of education, Russia's leading universities are a worthy competitor for Western educational institutions.

In 2020, the cost of education in full-time undergraduate programs at Russian universities (according to the standards set by the Ministry of Science and the Higher Education Council of the Russian Federation) started at 83 thousand rubles (1186 dollars) per year, depending on the specialization. According to the 1 data of the “Expert” rating company, the annual fees of the country's most prestigious metropolitan universities reached 586,000 rubles ($8371).

Opportunity to get education with the state budget

Russia is one of the few countries that offers free education to foreign students. The Russian government allocates several thousand free places at Russian universities for foreign nationals every year (15,000 places reserved in 2020). Apart from that, some categories of foreign students, including citizens, can also enter free education quotas other than quotas on an equal basis with Russians. Another possibility is to participate in the university competitions and give privileges to Russian universities (free quotas) for award-winning students.

Opportunity to learn Russian language

About 260 million people in the world speak Russian. About 10.5 million foreigners are constantly learning Russian. Russian universities offer different programs for studying Russian. Courses, summer schools, distance education system. Students who fall within the (state scholarship) quota for foreign students are given a one-year Russian preparatory program free of charge.

The possibility of having a double degree

In 2003, Russia signed the Bologna declaration, assuming a series of obligations within the framework of creating a common educational space of the participating countries. Diplomas of Russian universities are valid in most of the countries of the world. This procedure is facilitated by the Russian Intergovernmental Agreement with more than 60 countries, including Russia, Finland, Spain, Cuba, India, Vietnam, China, Venezuela, Namibia. In June 2015 this document was signed with France, in October and November 2016 with Cyprus and Malta, then in May and October 2019 with Uzbekistan and Cambodia. Apart from this, many Russian universities jointly with universities of other countries run programs that give double degrees to graduates. That is, someone who studies in Russia can get both a Russian diploma and a diploma from a European university.

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