Our company KeyProbject Group Company which has the same name as our site was established based on the education sector. Our slogan is determined by the clarification of the site and the institution`s name: Professional Object - as it explains,For Professional Purpose.

We will run this company only for professional purposes as it is understandable for you by our slogan. As we support the idea of that the education sector of Turkey not to be stucked in the monotonous systems of internal and external institutions, we would like to indicate that we will add innovations to the education sector, those that have not been done and those are still missing in the sector. In contrast to profit-oriented companies we are in the plans of creating a difference from the finest details to the biggest parts of the education sector which is the cause of the existence of a country and nation. If you already have such great and professional purposes, profit will be automatically on a tool mode. It is essential to combine young people, businessmen, institutions and associations from different countries of the world we have gathered by our respect and trust with what we have achieved while we were losing and experience we have gathered since 2010 at the same point to survive on this long way. We spent approximately seven years by researching the way of universities`, other educational institutions and their systems`s working methods.

All of our contribution to Turkey's education system which has become more competetive in comparison with the systems of other highly developed countries in the world's education sector will be realized by its finest details. We can strongly affirm that universities and educational institutions are using the wrong way to demonstrate their power. Because just management of the institutional system properly will be considered as making no headway. Because enlarging the area where you compete will be able to make you greater. For these kind of issues every university should take more powerful organizations as a basis to compete with more than the ones those are on their own level. Even just changing your competition area will magnify not only you, but also the sector you exist. Which is the most important As KeyProbject, we will follow these professional goals in minor and major activities. We are going to end the slow progression and to be the starting point of the fast progression...

Our experience and our past will determine our Future.